We all want to live in a clean, germ-free environment, but with today’s busy lifestyle this is often hard to do. You could sacrifice your weekends to do the chores around your home but who wants to do that?

Weekends are for pleasure, doing the things that you want, spending time with the kids, relaxing, enjoying your free time and unwinding from the week at work, not spending it cleaning the house. That’s not fun. To be honest managing a household is a full-time job in which we try to transform into daily or weekly chores, but unfortunately, this is not always possible.

In this blog, we will give you tips that will help you manage your time better and help to get these pesky chores done so that you can enjoy your free time. As we struggle to keep our homes clean and bacteria free, we pay attention to some areas like the bathroom but forget about others like the laundry or even the microwave oven.

What are the dirtiest rooms in your house?

There are many areas around your home that don’t get the attention that they deserve. So one way you can avoid missing some of these areas is to make a schedule of all the areas of your home that need cleaning in a notebook or blackboard and tick them off as you clean them. This will help all areas to get equal attention.

By focusing on one room a day, for example, making Wednesday your lounge room cleaning day. You can do all that needs to be done in that room like vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the windows etc., all on that one day and then it is done for the week. Then the next day could be bedroom cleaning day where you clean the sheets, vacuum arranges the cloths, dust etc. all on that day. By having a schedule you will know where and what to do on any particular day.

This all seems like a lot of work but regular cleaning is easier than doing it all at once or periodically cleaning an area. By getting the family involved in a weekly cleaning schedule will make it easier for you. It also gives the family some responsibly in taking care of their designated area.

Even small kids can help out with simple things like making their beds each day and keeping their rooms tidy. Older kids can empty the dishwasher, fold their clothes or any chore you think they can do. Even Dad can tidy the garage or the garden shed. The key is by regularly doing these chores, it will make it easier on them and you. That’s why a cleaning schedule is so important for a clean organised home.

Another thing I find helpful is spot cleaning and removing spots and stains as soon as they happen. A spot or stain will be easier to remove if it is done straight away and not left to dry. This doesn’t just mean on carpets but anywhere a spill happens, get to it A.S.A.P., it may save you time down the track removing a stain once it has dried.

It can also save you money by not having to call a professional carpet cleaner to remove an old dry stain on the carpet if you can get to it straight away the chances of removing that stain yourself is greater than if it has dried. Also get the family involved by telling you straight away that they have spilt something, this will give you a chance of removing it before it dries.

Keeping all your cleaning supplies and tools in the one spot and organised you will help you to know what products have run out of but also make it easier to get to if a spill arises, you or the kids will know exactly what you have and what you can use to remove any spots or spills as soon as they happen.

shoes on the carpets

Most people would think that the dirtiest place with the most bacteria in the home would be the toilet, but by far the dirtiest area in your house is your carpets! Yes, they can contain many different micro-organisms and bacteria that may be harmful to you and your family.

vacuum cleaningRegular vacuuming of your carpets will help in the removal of some of these organisms and bacteria. However, regular professional steam cleaning is the best way to remove most harmful nasties.

Here at Deluxe Carpet Cleaners, we use super-hot and powerful truck mount steam cleaning machines that sanitise and deodorises your carpets and remove these nasties and leave your carpet feeling soft and smelling great. So call us today on 0412763956 for a free quote and let us do the dirty work for you.

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What are the dirtiest rooms in your house?

We all want to live in a clean, germ-free environment, but with today’s busy lifestyle this is often hard to do. You could sacrifice your weekends to do the chores around your home but who wants to do that? Weekends are for pleasure, doing the things that...

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