As a homeowner, one must definitely be responsible enough to clean the house regularly. But given the fact that everyone in the household has always been very busy to find time to clean and tidy up, chores are often neglected to keep a very squeaky clean home.

A person will find that ignoring household chores is not that of a big deal and skipping all of the work that has to be done is okay but soon enough, these actions will have a bad effect and you will regret not having to fix the mess right away. Regardless of the schedule that you have, you must keep your home tidy and very clean.

So what are the signs that tell you that you absolutely have to clean the house already? Here are the top 5 of most obvious signs that you already have to pick up a broom and a soapy sponge and start cleaning:


Whether or not you have a child, when you or other people living in your home starts to have some sort of allergy and starts sneezing and coughing out of nowhere, the cause may just be your dusty house. All of the germs and bacteria that has accumulated for the past months may be the reason why your child is getting sick.

tops 5 signs why your house needs cleaning immediately

You should keep the house clean and sanitised at all times especially when there is a child present. Children are particularly sensitive to dirty things since they have a low immune system for now, which is why a clean house should always be maintained.


tops 5 signs why your house needs cleaning immediately

Finding grime and mould in the walls of your house is quite alarming, don’t you think? If this starts to happen, grab that sponge and start scrubbing those curves clean.

Grime forms commonly in the bathroom as it is one of the murkiest room in the house – and is the place where everyone sanitises themselves, the bathroom must be disinfected and free from germs at all times.


Having to reside in a home where bad odours come from is very embarrassing and uncomfortable.

tops 5 signs why your house needs cleaning immediately

You will definitely have no visitors if not less once your house starts to stink. If you really can’t pinpoint where the smell is coming from even if you have gotten rid of the trash, then it is probably time to actually clean the whole house already.


If the wallpaper or the painted walls start to lose its vibrancy, you better begin to clean and wipe all of the filth away.

Top 5 Signs Your House Needs Cleaning Immediately

A very effective way to do this is to use natural ingredients such as baking soda to lessen toxicity and effectively disinfect the walls of your home. You can repaint or replace the wallpapers if all else fails.


tops 5 signs why your house needs cleaning immediately

Out of all the signs, this is probably the most alarming as it indicates that your house is already in its worst condition. Once pests like cockroaches, flies and rats start to appear in the corners of your house it is time to clean and sweep the floors, take out all of the garbage and do more. Make sure to be tedious in the housework because if some filth is still left, pests might not go away.

Observe your home for a couple of days and if thorough general cleaning does not work and there are still pests hiding beneath the crooks and nooks of your house, better call for the local pest exterminator so that you’ll get rid of these vermin once and for all.

Sometimes, the problem isn’t really the way you clean your house. If you find that there are still harmful pests near you even if you clean regularly, the problem might lie in the location of your home or probably your neighbours’.


It is normal for a person to sometimes forget to dust off the furniture or maybe put the carpet in the laundry but once bad signs are showing and starts to affect those who live in the house, one must really clean the house already and be meticulous about it. If there really is no time to do it, then when the moment comes that you can finally clean the house, make sure to clean it very well because you may or may not find time to clean it sooner or later.

These days, there are some who become very ignorant when it comes to keeping their house the way it should be and the usual excuse is that they have become too busy to clean anymore. Too much paper works or too much school projects shouldn’t be an issue because as people who use the house to their needs, they owe it to their homes to do their jobs properly and keep the house clean at the same time.

tops 5 signs why your house needs cleaning immediately

Set a date where you should do nothing aside this should be done at least or twice a month.

Make it a monthly habit to reserve a day just for cleaning the house.

tops 5 signs why your house needs cleaning immediately

You can do this with your family, with your kids and this can be a bonding moment for everyone. Not only is it a great way to make the house spotless and tidy but is also a very pleasant way to spend time with your loved ones.