At Deluxe Carpet Cleaners, our professional tile and grout cleaning North Brisbane process hygienically clean your tile and grout areas.  We are a local professional cleaning company based in North Brisbane that provides our customers with the best and most affordable cleaning services possible. We can also rejuvenate your natural stone and ceramic tiles using our high pressured truck-mounted tile cleaning machines. This is the best and most affordable way of keeping your domestic floor tiles looking great and bacteria free.

There are hundreds of tile cleaning or grout restorer products in the supermarket that claims its antibacterial property with a promising and amazingly sparkling result. Some you can find them cheap but most of them are expensive. Though a DIY could result into a disastrous tile and grout restoration not mentioning the time you spent and the possible exposure to harsh chemicals. At the end of the day, the safest and the best tile  and grout cleaning approach is to hire professional tile technicians.  Deluxe Carpet Cleaners has years of carpet and tile cleaning experience in Brisbane Northside backed up with proper training from qualified trainers of Australia. 

 We can also handle any size job, from small ensuite to large entertainment and commercial areas. So put down your toothbrush now and don’t waste your precious time. There is an easier way to get your tiles and grout looking like the day they were laid by hiring Brisbane’s professional tile and grout cleaners – Deluxe Carpet Cleaners. 

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Steps in tile and grout cleaning Brisbane

  • Firstly, we inspect the area and the status of your tiles and grout.
  • Then we clean the tiles with an alkaline based cleaning solution. This cleaning solution removes all the built-up grime on the tiles and extracts under high pressure and heat.
  • Then thirdly, we apply a mild acid-base cleaning solution and agitate and extract again. Agitating removes any grease and soils left from the tile floor and grout. This method is especially good when cleaning kitchen floors or commercial high traffic areas but must not be used on natural stone tiles.

We can also seal your tiles and grout using special tile and grout sealants at an additional cost. These sealants help you remove spells for your tiles keep them looking great for a longer period of time.  Deluxe Carpet Cleaners North Brisbane, we also offer a wide range of services including upholstery, pest control and rug cleaning. So ask us about our discounts for combining tile and carpet cleaning or more services together.

Hire us today to put the sparkle back into your tiles and make them look like the day they were laid. Also, visit and like our Facebook page to get another 10% discount on your next job. For information on cleaning methods and tips, please read the regularly updated blog section of our website.


Q: Why should I have my tiles and grout cleaned?

A: As tile and grout surface are porous, professional cleaning removes dirt, mould, bacteria and stains leaving them hygenically clean and looking great. 

Q: How do you professionally clean the tile and grout?

  A: We use professional high pressured cleaning machines and equipment to clean your floor tiles and grout surface. Specialised cleaning solutions are applied and agitated on to the tiles and into the grout lines. Then we remove the dirt, mould and stains using our high pressured hot water extraction machines.


Q: What is the best cleaner for tile?

A: There are many cleaning solutions that you can find in the stores and you can even use some cleaning materials from your kitchen for your DIY floor tile restoration such as lemons, vinegar, baking soda or detergent. You can get tips from Youtube tutorials for tile cleaning. Just make it sure that you follow carefully their suggestions to avoid from accidentally ruining your tiles instead. Although they are not as effective and could be time consuming compared to a tile cleaner who knows the kind of cleaning solutions and the proper way to apply and effectively clean the tiles and grout. if you know how to do it professionally, you may probably hire a tile cleaning machine in your area. Another option is hiring a professional tile cleaning technician that will save you from stress and wasting your time brushing the tile floor.

Q: Is vinegar good for cleaning tile floors?

A:  Not really. As the vinegar is an acidic liquid, resulting from ethanol alcohol fermentation, they can be a good disinfectant. However cleaning surfaces with vinegar such as stone tiles, ceramic tiles, granite countertop tiles, marble or concrete  floors , can damage them due to its acidity, leaving the surface dull and will result into surface discoloration. Vinegar can also strip away the protective seal coating of the floor. 

Q: If I will a hire tile and grout cleaner, do you service all of Brisbane area?

A: We are a tile cleaning Brisbane company that serves the Moreton Bay Region area or Brisbane Northside only.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Here at Deluxe Carpet Cleaners, apart from residential, we have been offering commercial carpet cleaning services. Over the years, we are experienced in cleaning offices, schools, gyms, theatres, retail outlets, churches, hotels, motels and showrooms just to name a few.

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