People usually wear out their carpets and rugs because they tend to ignore simple things like cleaning the carpet and rugs on a weekly basis and what happens is that their carpets tend to lose its good quality and when this happens, people waste their money on buying new carpets when they could have just kept their carpets clean and tidy.

Good thing, there are a lot of ways where you can maintain your carpet’s quality with ingredients and cleaning materials that are easy to use and easy to access – you just need to have the right amount of finesse to do it effectively.

Instead of buying a fresh new carpet, you can always keep your carpet looking like you have just bought it yesterday by following the first part of SIMPLE WAYS TO KEEP YOUR CARPET LOOKING NEW!



Placing a carpet on the floor already serves as protection as it prevents people from slipping and sliding all around but you still have to put a rug on it to catch all of the footfall that will help keep the carpet clean and neat. But surely, you should still keep the rug itself clean in order to maintain the whole cleanliness of the area and once you make this a habit. Thoroughly clean the rug and this will keep your carpet clean as well and free from furniture dents.

Remember to put chair mats to save your carpet from chair legs or the wheels on desk chairs – this will 100% keep your carpet’s appearance very nice and looking new.


Natural Ingredients That You Can Use To Clean The House

Baking soda is a natural ingredient that is easily accessible. You can reach out for this in your kitchen or the nearest grocery. With this cheap ingredient, you can actually sprinkle this on top of your carpet and leave it on for a few minutes before vacuuming and this will give your carpet a fresher scent and feel. Baking soda will eliminate the dirty odour and the uncomfortable scent that your carpet has that normal sweeping and vacuuming can’t.

Instead of constantly spraying fresheners and lighting scented candles to make the room smell good, try this trick first on your carpet and it will make a huge difference in the ambience of the place. 


simple ways to keep your carpet looking new part 1

A lot of Asian cultures practice taking off shoes, slippers and other footwear before they enter their homes or other people’s home as a sign of respect and not only does this reflect Asian tradition and values but this is actually one of the secrets of how they keep their floors clean and their carpets looking fresh. They leave all of the dirt from their shoes outside of the house and enjoy their barefoot stay.

In other words, another way of keeping your carpet clean is that you have to keep your shoes away from it. The weight and the material of your shoes may leave dents or dust on the carpet, thus leaving it dirty. Once this start to happen all the time, sooner or later, your carpet will look very ragged and old. A

Make it a habit to leave your footwear at the doorstep, it may seem to be uncomfortable and weird at first especially to your visitors but this will definitely prevent your carpets from wearing out.


simple ways to keep your carpet looking new PART 1
The secret to vacuuming effectively is simply to do it slowly. You have to vacuum a certain area with precision so that you will surely catch all of the dust instead of just letting the vacuum pass the carpet fast whereas you will definitely miss some of the dirt that is deep within your carpet. Remember to take your time doing this and do it as frequently as you can and you will see the improvement of your carpet’s state. And if you do make it a habit to vacuum often, you will prevent your carpet from looking worn out because the dirt that got on it will easily be sucked by the vacuum. If you let the dust stay on it for too long, then it will leave a permanent stain and greyish hue that just looks so gross.

Be sure not only to clean the carpet but also the room so that less dust will go around the place and will keep not only your carpet looking new but also the whole room.


Just like item number four, never let the dirt or stain stay on your carpet for too long as doing so will leave a permanent mark that will ruin your carpet’s aesthetic. A huge spot of ketchup stain on the carpet is already so panicky to look at and not to mention what if this gets on a light coloured carpet? White carpet stains are so hard to deal with, so make sure you use the right cleaning tool to prevent the stain from spreading.

simple ways to keep your carpet looking new part 1

Another carpet cleaning tip is that if ever you or someone else accidentally stains the carpet, blot it instead of rubbing or scrubbing it to prevent the stain from getting bigger and harder to take care of. If you move your cleaning tool all over the place, there is a tendency that the stain will also move around thus making the problem area larger.

Be quick to grab a tissue or towel. Or better yet, throw the carpet in the laundry to get the stain worked on. This will keep your carpet looking fresh and as if nothing spilled on it!


Following these steps will definitely prolong your carpet’s usability as it will seem that you have been buying a lot of carpets and rugs regularly even if you have been using the same carpet for years. Good care towards material objects will always do you good and save you a lot of money.

Aside from these steps, you can do other simple things to clean your carpet but regardless of the material – remember to sweep it, vacuum it always. It may take a bit of effort to do most of this stuff but it will surely pay off in the long run.