At Deluxe Carpet Cleaners, we offer floor mats and rug cleaning North Brisbane services right in the comfort of your own home. Because rugs are often a feature in a room, so keeping it looking bright and fresh helps lift the focus of that room.

Did you know that dirt and soil can work its way deep down into the fibre of your expensive rugs?

Regular rug cleaning and deodorising remove specks of dirt from the fibre. It also helps rejuvenate the pile, thus prolonging the life and appearance of your expensive rugs. When this dirt and soil rub against the fibre in an abrasive action, it causes the fibres to prematurely wear. This makes your rugs look old and worn.

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How do we perform rug cleaning North Brisbane?

Initially, our cleaning process starts with a thorough inspection of the rug. This to determine fibre structure, colour stability, staining issues and general soiling content. Because of that, we can determine the correct cleaning agents and procedure to best clean your rug.

Next, we pre-vacuum your rug to remove any dry, loose dirt and hair. On the other hand, we also next apply the correct cleaning agent for the rug and agitate this chemical deep into the fibres.

Then we extract the soil, dirt and oils from the fibres of the rug using our powerful truck mount cleaning machine. Not only this cleanse your rug but also, our powerful machines suck out most of the hot water injected into the rug leaving it to touch dry.

“Then we treat any stains and urine smells at this point”

It is then important to dry your rugs once they have been professionally cleaned. In drying it, we suggest the use of ceiling fans, portable fans and opening windows help speed up the drying process. Where possible, lift the rug off the ground so air can circulate under the rug also help dry it.

So for quality and yet affordable rug cleaning North Brisbane services, book us today to have a clean and deodorised great looking rugs again.

Eco Cleaning Package

rug cleaning north brisbane

Eco-Cleaning Package is designed for the customer who may suffer from allergies, asthma or is chemically sensitive.

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