Accidents Can Happen in Our Carpet

Let’s face it, we love our pets! But they can leave us with the occasional little accident on our precious carpets. Removing pet odours and urine from carpet can be difficult for most homeowners without the right knowledge and equipment.

That is where the professional carpet cleaner comes in. As professional carpet cleaner, we deal with all kinds of pet odours, faeces, urine and pet hair on a daily basis. And with our knowledge and experience, we can remove these odours from your home and leave your carpets smelling great once again.

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Why urine has an odour? Why it is difficult to remove and why a professional carpet cleaner can help in this process?

+  When your pet has accidentally urinated on your carpet, the urine is in the form of a liquid acid. Once the urine dries, it turns into an alkaline salt causing a high pH level. Unfortunately, these odours can be set on the carpet by using the wrong products at the wrong time. In other words, what works on a fresh stain may set a dry one.

+  The dried alkaline salts draw humidity from the air that activates bacteria. This is why pet odours seem worse in damp basements and on wet, humid days. On the other hand, air con and dehumidifiers can help reduce these odours but may not eliminate them. Because the pet urine does not cause the odour itself, it is the bacteria feeding on the fats in the urine.

In removing pet odours completely, the salts need to be neutralised. The pH in the carpet also needs to be balanced and an anti-microbial agent is needed to remove the bacteria.

Steps in Removing Pet Odours Problem

STEP1. Finding the location of the odour. This is done using a special light known as a black light. A moisture sensor detects even old dried urine as it can be active for years with the right conditions. This illuminates the contaminated areas.

Stripping back the carpet and looking at the backing is another way of finding where the urine smell comes from. But this is usually done as a last resort. Also, the old nose is a good way of detecting urine smells.

STEP 2. Treating the urine. If a small pet has urinated in several areas, it may be impractical to identify and treat every location. It may be easier to treat the whole affected area with a chemical. Using these enzyme deodorants or oxidising agents,  aim to kill odour causing protein and bacteria.

In the case of a large animal, it may be necessary to saturate the whole affected area with enzyme digesters and oxidizers. Then leave the chemicals to dwell enabling them to do their work. Next is to flush out using hot water and a water claw. This removes as much of the odour causing bacteria as possible.

Once the area is treated and flushed clean of any residue, the technician applies neutralising agent to kill any remaining odour causing bacteria. This remains active for several days slowly killing the bacteria. In severe cases, replace the carpet pad, treat the sub floor  and seal it to prevent new flooring from contaminating.

What can you do if your pet has an accident on your carpets?

  • Blot the affected area using paper towels and water as soon as possible.
  • Then place a heavy weight over the area with some paper towels and leave overnight to draw out as much urine as possible. This absorbs the urine out of the carpet and backing.
  • Applying chemicals could change the chemical composition making it more difficult to remove.
  • Please advise us if you have already used any chemicals as we may need to neutralise the effects of these chemicals.
  • Sprinkle baking soda over the wet stain and leave it to soak up the urine. Once dry, the baking soda can be vacuumed up.
  • A professional carpet cleaner should be called A.S.A.P. to perform an odour treatment to protect your expensive investment.

Here at Deluxe Carpet Cleaners, we are experienced at removing pet odours from your carpets. We also use the right chemicals and methods to remove all the urine from the bottom of the pile and even the underlay leaving your carpet smelling like brand new.

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