Anyone may probably freak out at the sight of a glass of red wine spilling over their fresh carpets. And usually, the first instinct is to pour cleaning liquids on top of the stain and rub it away, but little do they know that this may probably worsen the situation as the wrong choice of cleaning materials can spread the stain instead of making it vanish completely.

As most of the homeowners or tenants have already encountered these kinds of situations, they have most likely cleaned their carpets successfully with the help of an expensive carpet steam cleaning service.

Well, you could always opt for a cheaper and much reasonable service nearby but what’s cheaper and much more effective to remove carpet stains at home! So here are the top 8 hacks using the ingredients that you can find at home.

There are a bunch of other ingredients and materials out there actually that you can use to clean your carpet easily but we have on our list the things that you already have in your kitchen which makes it more convenient to use and accessible to get!


You can easily lift out stains from your carpets by using ammonia. Now ammonia can be pretty harmful if you’re not careful with it as it has a very strong odour that’s very uncomfortable especially to kids.

remove carpet stains

Meaning, it’s better to clean your carpet when your kids are not around and of course, you should cover your face or use a mask while cleaning because you might get allergies from the ammonia. Safety first!


Aside from being the best beverage to ever exist, beer can also act as a cleaning ingredient that you can definitely reach for immediately.

remove carpet stains

Just rub a small amount of it onto the stained area on your carpet and you can notice that this will blur the stain. It may not completely remove the stain so you should repeat the process until it disappears entirely.

Not to mention, beer can also clear up copper and other metallic objects in your house such as jewellery, knives, kitchen utensils and many more. Just soak the material in beer and after a couple minutes or so, you’ll see rust separating from it.

Chugging it is undoubtedly the best way to use it but what do you know? It’s also an excellent cleaning agent. Cheers to that!


Having wine in the living room is the best thing ever but it really isn’t if it gets spilled onto the carpet – but not to worry! Some salt is the magic ingredient to make the problematic stain to disappear.

remove carpet stains

Regardless of how bad red wine really stains any material made of cloth, sprinkling the area with some salt will do the trick. Just pour some white wine on your carpet where the wine is spilled then clean it with the trusty old combo of sponge and water. After that, you may now add the salt and leave it for a couple of minutes then vacuum it.

Other hard to remove stains such as ketchup and other greasy, oily food can be easily cleaned by the same process.


Popular for being the main ingredient to make slime, borax can also be used as a cleaning ingredient that can clean various stains from your carpet.

remove carpet stains

Just wet the stained area and let it dry after a couple of minutes. Then pat on the borax on the area of where you spilled your beverage or dripped sauce, vacuum it and repeat this process if necessary.


If you’re dealing with blood stains on your carpet, then meat tenderizer is the right ingredient to use in order for the stain to disappear immediately.

remove carpet stains

Mix an equal amount of cold water and meat tenderizer together and leave this mixture on the stained area of your carpet. Leave this for half an hour and after this, results will definitely be rewarding!


remove carpet stains

Baby wipes are very useful and are much better than tissues in every way – having baby wipes can be very convenient as they make great carpet cleaners. A single pack can take you a long way as a single piece can absorb and wipe off the dirt from your carpet in a jiffy.


Not everyone knows that you can actually use ice to clean something up. Now, a single ice cube comes in very handy when you get gum or other sticky things stuck to the carpet or anywhere else in the house. What the ice does to the gum is that it solidifies it even more which makes it easier to scrape off without damaging the carpet’s material. Be sure to be delicate in doing this and if the gum doesn’t go off completely on your first try, be patient and keep on freezing the gum until you can feel the gum harden.

Another genius way to use an ice cube is that you can use it to remove dents on your carpets. If you put something heavy, for example, a chair leg, on a carpet for a very long time, it will leave an ugly mark on your carpet and once you decide to rearrange your furniture, that dent might show up. Leave an ice cube on this area until it melts and after it does, brush up the spot and you’ll see how effective it is.


Paint remover got its name for its purpose. If you’re dealing with stains on your carpet that you can’t really consider “art”, then a small amount of paint remover will do the trick in removing it. Just make sure that your paint remover isn’t the type to cause damage to the elusive material of your carpet.

remove carpet stains

To prevent paint going onto your carpet, better put newspaper beneath your painting area or might as well roll away your carpet before you start panting.


It’s pretty easy to clean your carpets if you have the right tools to clean with. So better grab these multi-purpose ingredients the next time you hit the grocery store so that you can save on expensive cleaning bleaches and other hi-tech machines to clean.