A house that you don’t want to be in is a very dirty house in every aspect – a dirty odour, a dirty sight – all of the icky things will definitely cause stress and inability to work around your home.

Psychology says that a person’s mood depends on what his or her house’s state is. For instance, if the house is cluttered and messed up, so will the person be for the rest of the day. And besides, this only goes to show that the way a house is kept reflects on the one who is keeping it.

So why is your house always dirty? Here are the most common reasons why and the secrets to get them fixed in no time!


Yes, we do understand that being messy can’t always be avoidable. Unless there is a cleaning lady around to do the job but clutter (specifically, the things that you really do not need anymore) should be lessened as much as possible. All of the unnecessary material objects should be out of the house immediately since keeping a lot of things and stock everything in the basement will eventually cause germs and may get the family sick.

Dust and grime contain bacteria that is harmful especially for the young children who cannot fight sicknesses as much as adults can yet and we would want to prevent that, right?

reasons why your house is always dirty


A sign that your home has a lot of clutter is if you have a lot of unconsumed things at home. A popular example is that it is okay to have a lot of food at home but it is definitely not okay to still keep all of the paper bags and plastic from the grocery “just in case” you need it. Yes, they might come in handy but keeping an unnecessary amount is just plain foolish.

Another example is if the kids are way too old for the toys and they still exist in the house and also if you have way too much shoes and clothes that you haven’t used for a year – Yes, honey we see you.

reasons why your house is always dirty


What to do?

Put things back where they were from. Clean and organise regularly as making this a habit will definitely benefit everyone in the household. Not only will this keep the house neat and tidy but it will also be a great way to avoid “losing” things around the house.



You won’t arrive at this number if you don’t relate to the first one. Being a hoarder is fun but it really isn’t on the long run because like what’s stated on the first number, having a lot of things in the house will be the root cause of why every person in the house is sneezing and coughing from all of the dust that has accumulated in the said items.

What to do?

Donate things. You don’t really have to throw everything you don’t need right away as it is always better to at least try to give to those who are in need first. Not only will this make your physically healthy, but giving is also emotionally healthy as well.

As simple as it may sound, donating will do a huge part in keeping your home clean.

reasons why your house is always dirty



Parties during the holidays should definitely be celebrated since these events only come rarely but having parties almost every other night is something that should be evaded since it is truly a waste of money and unless you love company more than low electricity bills, they might as well carry on with cheering and littering all over the place.

Kidding aside, having visitors always will surely leave the house in a constant mess.

reasons why your house is always dirty


What to do?

Plan well. It is always nice to have company at home but keep in mind that not everyone close to you will 100% keep the house clean. Having a lot of visitors frequently is fun but it also means that you will deal with a pile of dishes and dirty carpets afterwards. Cleaning a mess that you did not make is stressful but you have to just suck it up and carry on.

reasons why your house is always dirty 10


Plan the gatherings and parties in a way where you orient your guests what to do and what not to do without making them feel so uncomfortable. They are guests but this doesn’t mean that they are already allowed to.


Shopping is always tempting especially for women. But as time passes, you have come to see how much things you have at home that you don’t particularly use anymore. In order to avoid the feeling that you have only wasted your money, you must prevent wasting your money in the first place.

It is very tantalising to buy new clothes and other gadgets when they’re on sale but soon, you will find that you have spent your money on items that should have been spent on other valuable things instead.

reasons why your house is always dirty 7


What to do?

Prioritise what you need and not what you want. It is very tempting to buy cute things that are well advertised but remember to only invest in the things that you absolutely need regardless of how much money you can spend.

reasons why your house is always dirty


This does not mean that you can never buy things that you want from now on. But make it a habit to only purchase things for recreational purposes at least once a month and do not splurge on items that you will no longer use after a year so that your house won’t be cluttered too much.

reasons why your house is always dirty



People do not have to divert into living in a minimalistic life just to achieve a “stress-free” home but one must remember to always keep things tidy and organised as this will be a contributing factor to being “stress-free” Yes, it will be quite a challenge to do this in every corner of the house but it only takes a matter of time and a bit of effort to finally get a home that you deserve: a home that is squeaky-clean!

reasons why your house is always dirt