In this blog, we will be sharing the easiest and the best way to clean your carpet professionally at home without contacting a professional carpet cleaner.

Usually, most people opt to rent a steam cleaner in order to effectively clean the mess or rather the stains that are on the carpet.  Then there will be a tendency that you will have to spend a few more bucks in order to get the tool that you need. If that is not the problem that you will encounter, then it will most likely be the difficulty of having to search for a store who offers steam cleaner rentals.

However, if you have been around clumsy people, kids or even pets, then you must already know how to deep clean carpets on your own. After years of dealing with various mud stains, wine stains and other dirt on the rugs and different places in your home, cleaning should be the easiest thing ever by now.

Of course, nowadays, things are getting difficult and lately, there might not be much time left in your hands for cleaning or bothering about the shoe marks left on your carpet.

professional way to clean coffee spills that can stain carpets

Nothing beats the satisfaction of having to accomplish something on your own fast and efficiently and to do so concerning cleaning the carpet stains; you will need the following tools: a brush, a towel, and a bucket – these are the basics. You do not need a fancy tool to clean unless it is a huge stain that you’re dealing with. Regardless, the trusty old cleaning tools that are within your reach will surely help get rid of the stains that you want to get rid of. You may clean stains just as well without a steam cleaner nor a vacuum if you do it right after your carpet gets stained.

A vacuum will be very helpful but it is fine if you do not have one in the household just be sure to scrub well and dry it under sunlight or you may also try to use a blow dryer after cleaning.

But back to the process of cleaning, blot it first with a towel and do not spread it around, this will make the stain fade but it won’t take it out completely. A clean carpet is better than a blurry stained one, right? Do this while it is still wet because if you let it dry before you start cleaning, it will be harder to clean as the chances are the stain must have stuck to the innermost part of the carpet already. For instance, the moment you spot someone’s drink spilling, go and get a towel and blot the area where the drink spilled as soon as possible. Do not leave the stain alone until it is completely gone.

Here’s another way of cleaning your carpets professionally. Aside from the tools that were just mentioned, you will also need an effective set of cleaning chemicals and other fluids. But rather than using cleaning fluids that you may purchase in the store, might as well go and use something natural instead. And by natural, we are pertaining to ingredients such as lemon, baking soda, vinegar, salt and many more. There are a lot of benefits from using ingredients that are easy to find in your kitchen or in the nearest grocery.

cleaning solutions helps you to clean your carpets professionally at home

Natural ingredients do not harm your carpet unlike strong bleaches and the likes. But keep in mind that the effectiveness of certain ingredients may still depend on what your carpet is made of, it is best to look it up on the internet first before proceeding on scrubbing your carpet with whatever you think must be used in order to clean the stain. Even if you are using natural ingredients, you will still have to be mindful of the quantity that you are using and the process of how you clean the stain.

Using natural ingredients also means that you are contributing to the safety of the environment and also the safety of the people in your home.

There are chemicals that are too strong that people especially young ones might have a hard time breathing or may have an allergic reaction upon inhaling it. These chemicals do work but there is no assurance to how well it will perform, unlike natural ingredients that are definitely proven and tested to work. It was used before to clean almost anything – so it just goes to show that it may still be used today.

Clean thoroughly and gently at the same time. Do not scrub roughly if you think you need to apply more pressure to a stubborn stain. Use more warm water to clean even more or might as well leave it under a pile of baking soda. Whatever happens, do not lose patience and destroy your carpet by scrubbing too much as doing so will result in an old and rag-like looking carpet.

Remember to be careful around your carpet or any part of your house that can easily be stained. Whether or not it is a carpet, prevent spilling beverages and getting stains all over because it is very tiring to always clean.

dirty shoes remove when getting into carpet

If possible, remove your shoes before you step on the carpet. If you just got home from the rain, carry your shoes and carry them to your room just to avoid getting mud on the floor. Be mindful when carrying food and drinks on the carpet because you will never know when it might spill. Also, remember to keep pets away from the carpet just so that they won’t pee or crap on the carpet. If you can’t help getting your dear pets on the carpet, then be sure to train them to dirt on your carpet because, in the end, you will be the one to have a hard time cleaning.

Exert a whole amount effort into cleaning even though it is tiresome. Then soon you will notice that you are cleaning your house like a pro without having need of hiring a professional carpet cleaner to do the job that you can manage to do on your own!

But if you really have a hard time, it isn’t wrong to still ask for assistance from a professional carpet cleaner near you.

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