professional upholstery cleaner

So today you looked at your lounge and thought, I really need to do something about this. Should I pay thousands of dollars to buy a new one so that the kids can spill their food and drinks and wipe their dirty hands all over it? Then the dog can sleep on it? Or should I hire a professional upholstery cleaner to clean it?

You would be surprised how many times after we clean a lounge suite or upholstery a customer says to us, “I didn’t think it would clean up so good. I was going throw it out and buy a new one.” We hear this scenario all the time.

Remember when you first bought that new lounge, no one was allowed to eat on it, nor feet were certainly not allowed on it and the dog was not allowed within 10 meters of it.

Then as time goes on and the kids start eating and spilling their food all over it, you come home and the dog is asleep on it. Your precious lounge has started to smell like kids and dog. It looks dull and lifeless and you just don’t know what to do with it.

Below are some reasons why you should first consider hiring a professional upholstery cleaner and not replace a new one.


The cost of replacing your tired looking lounge could run into thousands of dollars. This is not to mention the time it takes to go around to shops, find the right one, have it delivered and the old one removed.

We can clean your lounge for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one, you will be pleasantly surprised in just how clean and revitalised your lounge. And your upholstery looks like after a professional clean.


After we clean your lounge and upholstery, it looks as good as the day you bought it. We use only the right professional chemicals and methods to bring it back to life.

We remove the dirt and grime that has built up on the armrests and seats and remove any stains that appear. The cleaning process also revitalises the fibre and bring the colour back to life.

We recommend that your lounge and upholstery be cleaned on a regular basis, usually once a year to keep it looking its best. Regular vacuuming in-between cleans also helps in the appearance of your lounge and upholstery.

Dirt and dust embedded deep in the fibre can damage that fibre and cause it to look dull and worn. We recommend you vacuum your lounge and upholstery once a week to help keep it looking and feeling great.


Without regular and professional upholstery cleaning, your lounge and upholstery can start to smell. The reason for this is because fabric absorbs odours.

Sweat can be the main culprit for this. You get home after work on a hot day and relax in the lounge. Then the sweat from your body can transfer onto the lounge. So over time causes the lounge to smell.

Also taking off your shoes and putting your feet up on the lounge can again transfer any foot odour into the fibre of your lounge. If your pets like to sleep on your lounge they can also transfer their odour into your lounge.

So when we clean your lounge and upholstery, we inject hot water into the fibre and flush out any dirt and odour from it, we also deodorise it as well as part of the cleaning process.


As part of the cleaning process, we remove any allergens from your upholstery, dust mites, pollen, pet dander and soil will all be removed. These allergens cause of most respiratory problems and by ridding them from your upholstery leaves you with a healthier home.

Here at Deluxe Carpet Cleaners, we take the time to thoroughly clean and deodorise your upholstery. This leaves a great smell and it looks like the day you bought it.

We can also apply fabric protection to your upholstery that helps repel dirt and stains from penetrating into the fibre and help it look great for longer. As well as your upholstery we also clean mattresses, car interiors, caravan interiors, office chairs and any other upholstery you may have.

Call Deluxe Carpet Cleaners today, then we can send our professional upholstery cleaner to get your upholstery looking like new once again.

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