Why do you need professional mattress cleaning?

Did you know we spend about one-third of our lives sleeping on our mattresses and so professional mattress cleaning and sanitising make good sense to help keep both you and your mattress healthy?

It is important to professionally clean your mattress to anyone who suffers from asthma and other dust related allergies as the process remove any dust mites and their faeces, body sweet, skin oils dead skin and bacteria from deep in the fibre; thus, helping allergy sufferers breathe easier.

Dust mites are causing allergies

With dust mites causing allergies, they can be a major problem for more than 40% of the population. Among these health problems are rhinitis, inflammation of the nose and eyes, eczema and asthma. These problems are triggered by a response in the immune system and are affecting more people every year. Invisible to the naked eye, a dust mite is about .05 mm in size with more than 8000 fitting onto the size of a fingernail.

During their lifetime a dust mite moults several times, layover 400 egg and excrete over 150 facial pallets a day producing about 200 times their weight in waste. This waste mixed with other household microscopic substances from household dust. Dust mites feed on the skin we naturally shed while we sleep as well as sweet proteins and body oils. This is why regular professional mattress cleaning is important in order to reduce the chance of allergy-causing dust mites breeding in your bed.

Helpful hints for reducing dust mites from your mattress

  • Wash sheet regularly in hot water every week if possible
  • Wash pillows at least every 3 months
  • Use appropriate air filters in your rooms
  • Have your mattresses professionally cleaned every 6 – 12 months.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite

Bed bugs are an increasing problem in our homes and can be difficult to get rid of. Bed bugs feed on blood and can cause itchy bites. They tend to live in small cracks and crevices around your bed particularly in the seams of your mattress and feed usually at night while you sleep.

The bed bugs are approximately 5mm long and brown in colour when they reach adulthood with a lifespan of up to 12 months. A female bed bug lays more than 200 eggs in its lifetime. And these hatchlings known as nymphs begin to feed on you as soon as they hatch.

In favourable conditions, it does not take long for an infestation to take hold and get out of control in your bedroom. You can prevent bed bugs from entering your home by inspecting any second-hand furniture that you buy. Bed bugs like to hind in any cracks and crevices in furniture and mattresses, so a good inspection using a torch may help to find them.

Also, washing all clothing and vacuuming luggage after spending time in a hotel room is another good way of preventing bed bugs entering your home.

Here at Deluxe Carpet Cleaners, we are experienced in professional mattress cleaning. We can leave them clean, sanitised, and deodorised. We can even help remove any bed bug problems you may have. So call us today on 0412763956 and breathe easy again.

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