Regular leather upholstery cleaning North Brisbane and maintenance can keep your leather pieces supple and increase their durability. Now first, you must remember that your leather furniture can be an expensive investment. So by keeping it clean and well maintained, you prolong its life and stop premature wear and tear. Also, with professional leather upholstery cleaning, it can protect your investment for many years to come.

Much like skin, your leather seats or lounges need regular cleaning and moisturising to stop it from drying out and cracking. But with everyday use, body oils, perspiration, dirt and soils can work their way deep into the pores of the leather leaving it looking dull and lifeless.

leather upholstery cleaning in north brisbane


Our leather upholstery cleaning North Brisbane processes

At Deluxe Carpet Cleaners, we do not only clean carpet and fabric upholstery, but we now remove stains of your leather lounges, dining chairs, bar stools, office chairs and even car seats. So our leather upholstery cleaning North Brisbane process removes all this built up grime and stop the pigmentation from fading and wearing.

  • Our first step is we vacuum your leather furniture to remove any loose dirt and dust.
  • Then we apply our professional leather shampoo and conditioner that is both safe and effective and we agitate it into the pores of the leather. This brings any embedded dirt and oils to the surface ready for removal with a dry cloth.
  • Next, we apply a leather protector and restorer. This product helps repel any dirt and spills and helps keep your leather cleaned for a longer period. It also takes away any stiffness in the leather and restores its natural shine and texture. As a result, it makes the leather feeling soft and smooth once again.

Our trained technicians also use industry-standard methods and products that can clean and restore your leather furniture back to the look and feel of the day you bought it.

Once the leather cleaning is done, nothing feels better than relaxing into your favourite leather chair or curling up on your lounge to read a book or watch a movie. Finally, your leather upholstery has that soft supple feel and smell.

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So call us today for all your quality leather upholstery cleaning North Brisbane needs and we also service its surrounding suburbs. We are here to clean and rejuvenate tired and worn looking leather furniture. Our assurance to you is that we can bring it back to new.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Here at Deluxe Carpet Cleaners, we aim to provide customers satisfaction for our residential carpet cleaning services. We use the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning commonly known as “carpet steam cleaning”.  Most carpet manufacturers recommend this method as the best and most thorough way of cleaning carpets.

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