Why do we hire a pest control professional

We require hiring a pest control professional particularly for large pest infestations or ongoing pest problems you may be experiencing, rather than doing the job yourself. This is because a professional pest controller has experience in all aspects of pest management.

And with this knowledge, they are able to provide you with the right solution to any pest problems you may be experiencing. A licensed professional uses certain chemicals and procedures that are not available to the average householder.

The following are steps to keep in mind you can use when you consider hiring a pest control professional technicians

All professional pest controllers in Australia are required to be licenced and certified. Ask to see this licence and check that it is current before any pest work is carried out on your premises.

Is the pest control professional knowledgeable enough to answer any pest control questions or concerns you ask them? If they do not know the answer off-hand they could just answer with, “I’m not sure, I will find out the answer”. Then he gets back to you with a made up or misleading answer. However, most pest controllers are able to answer most questions and concerns that you have.

When pest control technicians come to your house, do they look clean and professional in their appearance? Do their truck and equipment look professional in appearance too?

A good technician takes pride in his appearance and that of his truck and equipment. Remember you only get one chance at a first impression. You should always feel comfortable anytime someone strange enters your home.

The lowest price is not always the best

If you use the services of a company that does not guarantee the work but is willing to do the job at a cheaper price, you may not be saving money for the solution of your pest problem. Instead, you may have to pay another company to come in and fix the existing problem.

In this case, it would have been better to pay extra and hire a company that guarantees the work they do. So always look for a company that guarantees their work as sometimes it may take a couple of treatments before a pest problem can be solved.

We rid most common household pests such as cockroaches, fleas, ants, silverfish and rodents.

When hiring a company, ask if the service is one solution to the problem you are having or does it need to be an ongoing service to prevent the problem from reoccurring. Sometimes a regular maintenance program is necessary to prevent the problem from returning. Remember prevention is the best form of a cure.

So make sure you ask the technician any questions you may have regarding the service provided. All reputable companies offer a warranty for the services they provide, but make sure you understand the coverage of the service and the length and limitations of that warranty.

Before the technician starts any work, they should discuss with you exactly what problems you may be having. This helps them determine where the problem areas are and what pests are causing the problems. After questioning you and formulating an approach to tackle the pest problem, the technician inspects your property to find out the extent of the problem. He also suggests possible treatments and solutions.

We use environment-friendly cleaning solutions 

In most cases, a technician uses chemicals for elimination. Be sure to ask about these chemicals and any adverse effects these chemicals may have. All chemical containers should be clearly marked with the name and active chemical used on it and all equipment should be clean and in good working order. Upon request, the technician should be able to provide you with an MSDS [Material Safety Data Sheet] for each chemical they use.

After completion of the treatment, the technician should provide you with documentation showing what chemicals were used to eradicate which pests, the areas that were treated, the length of the warranty period, any ongoing maintenance schedule that is required and the price for the completed job.

As mentioned before, most companies may offer you a guarantee or warranty on work carried out on your property.  Be sure to read this warranty and ask the technician if you don’t understand any part of it. Note that some warranties have limitations and can be void if recommendations or regular follow-up work is not adhered to. So please read all warranties carefully.

Experienced and Licenced Pest Control Professional

Here at Deluxe Carpet Cleaners and Pest Control, we are experienced in all aspects of general pest control.

We use the highest industry standard chemicals that are both safe for your family and your pets. All pest services come with our satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind.

We also specialise in End of Lease pest treatments and can usually offer a discount when combining a pest treatment with carpet cleaning.

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