After Deluxe Carpet Cleaners, your local professional carpet steam cleaning company has steam cleaned your carpets or upholstery we can apply for fabric protection. As the name suggests, it helps protect the fabric fibres from dirt and stains. It will also keep them looking cleaner for longer.

Unfortunately, not all fabric protectors are the same. There are some cheap brands on the market that don’t have the same level of active ingredients as the more professional brands do and therefore, do not offer the same level of protection as brands with more active ingredients in them. Be careful not to fall into the trap of using inferior brands from the supermarket. They won’t give you the same level of protection that a professional carpet cleaner uses, this may lead to a false economy.

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How does fabric protection North Brisbane work?

Fabric protection North Brisbane works by creating an invisible barrier around the fibres that stops dirt and stains from getting in. Once the fabric protector has had time to cure it still needs to allow the fabric to breathe this means if left long enough stains and spills will eventually work their way into the fibres if not removed quick enough. Protectors are not fool-proof, they do not make the fibre impenetrable but by creating this barrier between the spill and the fibre. It allows you time to clean any spills before they have had time to set into the fibres.

You need to reapply fabric protection as it wears away over time. This depends upon on the amount of wear the fabric receives. We suggest that you have it reapplied each time we perform a cleaning service for you, that way you know that the invisible barrier of the protector is working to its optimal level as cleaning will remove the protective coating from the fibre.

Why you need a professional to apply for fabric protection?

All Deluxe Carpet Cleaners technicians are fully trained in the correct application of fabric protectors. We use only the best quality protectors on the market that give you the best protection possible against spills and dirt. But remember it is important to remove any accidents as soon as possible to avoid permanent staining.

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Stain Removal

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Deluxe Carpet Cleaners is experienced in carpet and upholstery stain removal. Inevitably accidents happen, especially when kids and pets are around. Stains such as red wine, urine, gum, ink, coffee, tea, paint, make-up, blood, soft drink and many other types of stains can appear on your carpets and upholstery.

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