Commercial Carpet Cleaning Myths – 3 biggest mistakes people do

We look at the commercial carpet cleaning myths that people have regarding their commercial and even domestic carpets. We hope that after reading this blog we can put you on the right path to help you care for your carpets and increase their longevity and overall look.

When it comes to the care of your expensive commercial carpets most people think that if they vacuum and occasionally shampoo them then that is enough to maintain their look and feel. However, these misconceptions can be damaging to your carpets and cause them to wear faster than need be.

1. My carpets are new so why do I need them cleaned?

This is one of the most common misconceptions regarding new or almost new carpets. In a commercial operation, carpet can be walked on by hundreds of people every day.

Dirt particles from all these pairs of shoes rub against the carpet fibre causing friction between the two. That leads to premature wearing of the fibre. In fact, if your carpet is showing signs of looking dull and dirty, it may be too late to prevent this wearing from happening.

The more traffic your carpets see, the more that dirt wears the fibres. So regular vacuuming removes some of this dirt. But, only deep hot water extraction cleaning [Steam cleaning] can remove the dirt particles from the pile of the carpet. This stops the friction between the dirt and fibres. Also, it increases the life of the carpet.

2. Why should I pay someone when I can do it myself?

Sure, this is just one of the biggest commercial carpet cleaning myths! You can hire a machine from your local hardware store or supermarket. But these machines are not commercial grade and can not achieve the same results that a professional carpet cleaning machine can do.

As a professional carpet cleaner, we spend many thousands of dollars of our machines. We do professional cleaning classes that teach us the right methods and techniques in carpet cleaning and associated services.

There is a science behind carpet cleaning and it is something that takes time and experience to learn. I wouldn’t operate on someone after watching a Youtube video as I am not a doctor. So I wouldn’t suggest cleaning carpet without proper coaching.

These hire machines don’t have the suction power of a professional machine, they can put more water on the carpet that can cause mould and mildew and even damage the carpet backing. The chemicals that you get from the hire company are usually not the quality a professional commercial carpet cleaner use, in fact, they can cause more problems with residue they leave behind that attracts more dirt quicker than if done by a professional.

Don’t risk your expensive investment just to save a few bucks, you will find that in the long run, it will not be worth it, in fact, it’s false economy, get them done by a trained professional who does the job properly and therefore extending the life of the carpets not reduce them.

3. Will a sprinkle of deodoriser keep my carpets fresh?

These household products can be a disaster waiting to happen. They contain talcum powder which doesn’t dissolve in water and after using them several times cause a build-up in the pile. Even with your best attempts at vacuuming, some of this powder will be left behind. And when you clean your carpets, this white powder can cause a white streak in the carpet after they dry.

These sprinkle on powders can also attract dirt particles by dirt sticking to the residue this powder leaves behind. So instead of making your carpets look clean, they, in fact, cause them to dirty quicker and may even cause the fibre to be damaged as this dirt rubs against the fibre.

As you can see, to get the best out of your commercial carpets they should be cleaned regularly by a professional who uses the correct chemicals and cleaning machinery to make them look their best and prolong the life of this expensive investment.

Call Deluxe Carpet Cleaners today and talk to us before you decide to clean them yourself and get the job done right the first time.


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