Quality and guaranteed carpet cleaning Stafford services have been provided to home and business owners since 2001. We also serve the surrounding suburbs of Northside Brisbane. Furthermore, we take pride ourselves in our workmanship, we are attentive to detail and we promise to treat your home and valuables like our own.

All of our cleaning technicians are professionally trained and we use the best cleaning methods and professional products that deliver the best outcome possible for the services you require. We, therefore, guarantee you a top-quality friendly service that is kind to both the environment and to your hip pocket.

Our Company is also recognised as the best cleaning experts to go to when you need a professional job done right the first time.


How do we work with carpet cleaning Stafford?

With Deluxe Carpet Cleaners Stafford, our carpet cleaning process starts with an inspection with the client of the carpeted area that needs cleaning. This is to ascertain fibre identification and to discuss with them any concerns and areas they want particular attention paid to.

We then vacuum the carpets using a powerful upright vacuum with turbo rotating brush head that removes any dry and loose soil, dirt and hair. Then we treat any stains that may need specialised stain removal treatments and pre-spray the carpet with a wool-safe biodegradable carpet shampoo. The carpet shampoo loosens and suspends any dirt, grease, oils, soiling and stains ready for the removal process.

Next is we agitate the carpet to further loosen any stubborn soils and stains. We ensure paying particular attention to high traffic areas such as hallways and entrances.

We then inject super-hot water into the fibres and pile of the carpet. The super-hot water flushes out all dirt soils, oils and sticky residue from the carpet. This leaves the carpet reinvigorated, hygienically clean and smelling great.

We also correct the pH balance of the carpet using a neutralising solution. This solution neutralises any chemical residue left in the fibres and leaves your carpets feeling soft and fresh.

On completion of the service, our technician conducts a post inspection with the client to make sure they are completely happy with the service we provide. He will also answer any questions you may have regarding the process.

We always recommend to our customers to open windows and turn on fans and air conditioners at the completion of every clean. Remember carpets dry the same way clothes do, the more air can circulate through the fibres the quicker they dry.

With Deluxe Carpet Cleaners Stafford, we do not need to use your hot water or power in our cleaning process as we use the latest in truck mount cleaning equipment. It is a petrol-driven cleaning machine that produces its own super-hot water. It delivers a more thorough clean and faster drying times through powerful suction motors. Grooming the carpets in one direction also improves appearance and helps aid the drying process.

Most importantly, all cleaning products that we use are professional grade, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Our cleaning process also removes most allergens including dust, pollen and dust mites allowing asthma sufferers to breathe easier. All carpets are sanitised and deodorised free of charge as part of our cleaning service. This will leave your carpet hygienically clean making for a healthier home for you and your family.

Deluxe Carpet Cleaners Stafford also provides the following services:

So why not let us freshen up that tired-looking couch or floor rugs or any other piece of furniture while we are cleaning your carpets? You will also find our prices very affordable as we offer great discounts for combining 2 or more services.

Most importantly, all of our services come with our 100% customer satisfaction money back guarantee. And for your peace of mind, we are fully insured and licensed with Queensland health licence number PMTO -12056.

So for the best and most affordable carpet cleaning and pest control in Stafford call Deluxe Carpet Cleaners today on 0412763956.

For tips and information on how to keep your home looking cleaner for longer, please read the regularly updated blog section of our website.

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