Our services don’t just stop in the home. We are also experts in car interior cleaning North Brisbane such as seats and carpets. As well as your car’s interior, we can also clean caravans, motorhomes and marine upholstery.

We spend a lot of time in our cars so it only makes good sense to keep them looking clean and smelling great. We all do it, with Macca’s or KFC for the kids on a Friday night, only to have them spill their food and drinks all over your nice clean car seats. Or your car is sitting in the sun all day with the windows up and when you open the door the stale odour almost knocks you off your feet.

Here at Deluxe Carpet Cleaners, we can fix these all too common problems and leave your car’s upholstery to look like new again and smell fresh. We can also remove most odours from inside your car. This includes cigarette odours, food and drinks odours, especially stale milk odours, pet and urine smells, body and sweat odours. 

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How do we perform with car interior cleaning North Brisbane

  • Like any great clean, we first inspect the interior to ascertain the fabric composition.
  • Then we pre-vacuum the seats and carpet to remove all dirt and hair.
  • We then pre-spray the seats and carpets using a professional upholstery cleaning agent and agitate the chemical into the seat and carpet fibres.
  • At this time, we also treat any existing stains.
  • Next step is to extract all dirt, soils, sweat and odours from the car upholstery using our powerful truck mount cleaning machine that flushes this dirt from the carpets and seats by injecting super-hot into the seat and carpet fibres.
  • After that, we then do dry passes with the upholstery tool that helps remove any excess water.
  • As part of the cleaning process, we also sanitise and deodorise your car’s upholstery that free of charge.
  • We left open the windows to totally dry your car’s upholstery ready for use in a few hours.
  • For an extra fee, we can apply fabric protection to your car’s interior, this helps repel stains and spells so as to keep your car’s interior cleaner for longer.

Other carpet cleaning packages we offer

You can also check our other cleaning Packages: Eco-Cleaning Package and Standard Cleaning Package. We also offer various carpet cleaning that fit your needs.

Contact us now at 0412763956 to have your cars, boats and caravans interior looking and smelling great and get 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


Upholstery Cleaning

upholstery cleaning north brisbane

Here at Deluxe Carpet Cleaners, we have had many years’ experience in all types of upholstery cleaning. We can get rid of any unwanted dirt, oils, sweat stains and odours whilst we clean and rejuvenate your lounges, chairs, settees, cushions and all other types of upholstery.

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