After spending a lot of time in working just to save up money to decorate your home or decorate your workspace, it must have been rewarding to see all of your efforts paying off. Finally, you have purchased your very first couch, bed, rug and all of the other essentials, it must have felt nice, right?

But soon after, you find that your things are constantly getting dirty especially your expensive carpet. Have you ever wondered why?

Nowadays, you will never really know what are the things that you keep in the room that may damage your carpet permanently. And you would not want this decoration to get ruined, don’t you? For a long time, you must have wondered why your carpet is usually looking very worn out and dirty. The reason for this is that you or maybe someone who has been staying with you has been carrying around objects that may blemish the carpet. But don’t you worry because here are the 4 OF THE MOST COMMON THINGS THAT YOU DIDN’T KNOW CAN RUIN YOUR CARPET AND WHAT YOU SHOULD DO TO AVOID IT!

But before knowing what these are, keep in mind that the carpet’s quality plays an important part as well. Regardless of the times that you have dented and stained the carpet if the quality is good – then, you can always clean it up. If the carpet is made of cheap material, expect it to get ruined easily.

You will also be taught some of the tips to prolong your carpet’s lifespan. So if you follow these steps meticulously, you will definitely be using the same carpet for the rest of your life. And that will save you a lot of money and as well as time in cleaning and buying new carpets.

1. Animals, yes!

avoid these 4 of the most common things that can ruin your carpet

It is challenging to avoid animals because they are adorable but animals – dogs, cats, insects etc. will damage your carpet if you don’t watch out for the right.

There’s no harm in keeping animals close with you. But train pets not to stain the carpet with their pee and keep shedding animals away from the carpet. Might as well keep them away from most of the people in the room which is only to avoid ruining the carpet but also to avoid the animal hairs from getting inhaled.

2. Water and other liquids can ruin your carpet.

avoid these 4 of the most common things that can ruin your carpet

Of course, you know that water is supposed to be used to make a carpet look better and cleaner and not damage it but here, we are going to focus as to how too much water can ruin the carpet or rug’s material.

You must know that oriental rugs are easily damaged if exposed to prolonged exposure to water and moisture. If your rug or carpet is wet and you keep it in the room, this will attract unwanted insects that are very hard to drive off even if you have taken out the carpet long ago. Insects will surely stay because of the bacteria that the carpet has spread because it has been moist for too long.

Moisture will also be the cause for mould build up on your carpet, so make sure to always keep things dry!

Although, water is known to really clean woollen rugs but forgetting to dry the wet part well will emit a foul odour that is very uncomfortable to deal with. If a carpet remains stinky, your first instinct is to throw it out and buy a new one instead. But the trick to saving this carpet is just baking soda. Baking soda will eliminate the odour of the carpet, all you have to do is sprinkle this on the said area before you vacuum it.

Do not place flower pots on the rug and do not expose the carpet to the window because when it rains, the carpet will most definitely get wet too.

3. Common spills by the clumsiest person.

avoid these 4 of the most common things that can ruin your carpet

It is very hard to keep up with a very clumsy person but it is harder if you are aware that you are a clumsy person yourself. Avoid constantly spilling liquids and food on the carpet because these cause stains one harder to clean than the first one. You will never know what you can spill and how much what you drop will stain the carpet.

You can easily avoid such accidents by paying more attention to your surroundings.

4. Very, very, very heavy furniture.

avoid these 4 of the most common things that can ruin your carpet

Again, the weight will always cause dents. Imagine this to be another person squeezing your arm tight – after a while, you will notice that the person left his or her hand mark on your arm. The same applies to your furniture and carpets.

If possible, avoid keeping your furniture on the carpet for a very long period of time. But if this can’t be helped, then make sure to only keep light chairs or table legs on your couch. Dents make the carpet look old and ugly – so remember to keep things light!


There are other things that can ruin your carpet and make it look ugly so watch out for things such as too much light or even heat depending on the carpet’s delicateness. Be sure to take good care of it as much as you take care of the whole house or as much as you are articulate and careful when you go to other places.

Familiarise yourself with residential carpet cleaning and as well as commercial carpet cleaning if ever there is trouble concerning your rugs and carpets so that you may avail services from carpet cleaning professionals or might as well do it yourself if you can and if you have some time to clean your own carpet.

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