How long does my carpet dry after cleaning?

This is the one question professional carpet cleaning companies get asked more than any other question about carpet cleaning. The answer is, how long a piece of string? The simple fact is there is no definitive answer to this age-old question.

There are lots of variables when it comes to answering this question. In this blog, we try to answer some of these questions and try to give you a better understanding of the drying process.

The industry standard time for carpet drying after they have been professionally cleaned using the Hot Water Extraction method is 4-6 hours. However certain factors can speed up this drying time and other factors can lengthen the time it takes to dry your carpets.

Some of the reasons your carpets may take longer to dry could be, poor ventilation and air flow, a carpet cleaner’s wand technique, the type of machine used, the amount of soiling in the carpet and the type of fibre that your carpet is made from.

Reasons for longer drying times

Air circulation is the most important aspect to drying carpet, the more air circulating throughout your home the quicker the carpets dry. Think of it like this, if you leave a wet towel on the floor of your bathroom without hanging it out to dry then it will not dry; well carpet reacts in the same way.

Next, if a carpet cleaner doesn’t use a drying pass when cleaning he may be leaving excess water on the carpet. This also adds to the drying time. We go into drying passes a little later in the blog.

The type of machine used may also affect the drying time as a truck mount machine has more suction power than a portable machine, therefore, they can usually dry carpets quicker.

The amount of soiling in the carpet affects the drying time as the dirtier the carpets are the more chemicals and water needed to flush them clean.

Lastly, the type and style of the carpet can also affect the drying time as some carpet fibres, for example, a natural fibre like wool holds moisture in the fibre, therefore, taking longer to dry. Also, a thick pile carpet holds moisture in the pile and between fibres and cause the carpet to again take longer to dry.


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Why is drying important after carpet cleaning?

It is important to dry carpets as quickly as possible after cleaning. This prevents mould spores from forming and damaging your carpets as well as endangering your health. It is also important to stay off the carpets as they dry because you may track dirt back onto the carpet.

Furniture also should stay of drying carpet as any piece of furniture particularly with a wood base that comes in contact with wet carpet. Because it may cause the wood to leak onto the carpet causing it to stain and very hard to remove.

How to speed up the drying times

Well, carpets react in the same way. As we cannot rip up your carpets once we have cleaned them and drape them over the clothes line to dry, then there are some things that we can do to help speed up the drying process.

First by opening all windows in the house to allowing air to circulate throughout. This is the best thing that can be done to aid the drying process.

Second, the use of ceiling fans and portable fans placed in the entrances is another good step. Using air conditioners can also help circulate air throughout the house.

Third, the cleaning technician uses a drying pass when cleaning your carpets. This means that after a technician cleans your carpets by injecting water into them and flushing the dirt and chemicals from the pile using a carpet wand, they then go back to the area with the wand without using any water, the air suction from the wand suck any excess water from the carpet.

The fourth way to help dry carpets quicker is the type of cleaning machine the operator uses. A truck mount machine has more suction power than a portable machine and therefore usually dry the carpets quicker. However, when cleaning in a high-rise apartment or a house that a truck mount cannot get access to, a portable machine may be the only alternative.

The most important thing that dries carpet quicker is air flow. The more air flow you can get onto the carpet the quicker it dries. It is similar to sheets drying on a clothesline on a windy day. Because they dry quicker on a windy day with more air circulation than on a day with no wind.

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